When deciding what to measure remember: Less is more.

In this video, you’ll learn about:

  • Which social media metrics tie to which business objectives

  • How to narrow down what you measure to only 4 or 5 key things

  • How to explain the metrics

I’ve saved the best for last! Here you’ll learn the process that has helped businesses:

  • Gain 40,000+ new followers in less than 2 months

  • Sell out entire exhibitions & events

The possibilities are endless for what you can use how you could use social media contests.

The 12-Step Contest Planning template will be in your inbox shortly!

Big marketing agencies — and even Facebook — benefit from you believing that you must "Pay to Play."

Here's the reality:

  1. Organic can drive results just as quickly as paid ads. You can generate tons of buzz without spending a dime, with organic social media campaigns and contests.

  2. Even if you invest all your money into ads, you still have to have an organic strategy. Ads still lead people back to your profile and if you haven't made it impressive -- they'll bounce.

  3. Paid ads are temporary, organic is forever. The moment you stop paying for ads is the moment you lose all of your reach. Organic is the only sustainable way to stay in business.

Now that you’ve completed this mini-course… you’ll have the opportunity to take the Social Media Master Certification™ Course, which will show you how to harness the power of organic social media marketing.