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Freelance social media marketing is extremely lucrative. With social media management alone, you can make a great profit. Here are the average rates:

  • Facebook: $1,000-$2,500/month

  • Twitter : $2,000-$4,000/month

  • Additional channel: $1,000 per channel/month

Learn how to conduct social media audits and you can charge clients: $4,000-$6,000 per audit.

Freelance not your thing? Businesses are hiring social media managers like crazy.

  • Forbes ranked “social media manager” number 4 on the list of top jobs in 2019.

If you really want to execute social media like a professional, you need to be able to create a content plan. 

This video provides an easy-to-follow framework that will help you plan social media content.

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  • The drop down menu for “Post Type” contains each of the 8 types of content. :-)

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